Funny Army Birthday Card


Above we have for you this wonderful funny army birthday card depicting a baby yelling that the top of its little lungs! Look below for some creative lines to add to this card.

1) I'm sure your excited as this little baby, on his first birthday.

2) No!!! Screw the choppa, there's no time for that, get straight to the party and bring me the freakin cake!

3) There's times to be cute and innocent, and there's times to go all out crazy! Your 21st birthday is one of those times!

4) This is what I think of your cake full of candles! Burn!! Burn!! Burn!!! Burn like there's no tomorrow!!!!

5) The army! Separating babies from men!

6) I love the small of fresh birthday cake in the morning!

7) The army prepares you for many things! But I bet you still soil you pants when the going gets rough!

8) You’re in the army now kid!

9) Why do you always cry like a baby when shit hits the fan?

10) Get to the chopper your cake is going to burn the house down!

11) This little kid somehow reminds me of you!

12) You’re in the army now! Time to grow the @$%@#% up!