Anime Birthday Card


Get your anime birthday card today! This is the perfect card for those that love manga or anime. Good for young kids and old! This free printable card would go well with any gift that is anime related.

1) Have Anime - zing Birthday!

2) Happy Birthday. I hope your eyes get really small when you laugh and really big when you're surprised just like an anime character.

3) Have Anime - zing Birthday! An Anime - zing year, and I hope you like this Anime - zing birthday present!

4) I hope your fighting abilities improve with age! Because, I want to give you eleven birthday punches now that you're eleven! 

5) Wishing you the cutest biggest anime eyes for your birthday!

6) Hope you can sit back relax and unwind while the sounds of anime music transforms the world around you.

7) In a past life you must have been born in Japan! Happy Birthday!