Funny 8th Birthday Card for a Girl


Note: there is a typo in this birthday card, that is because there is 'Pee'in Everyopne.

Funny Message continuing the message - … and I guess you are happy every single night. Happy 8th Birthday!

Father to Son - Well it is always better to let it out than to keep it in, so don’t be sad at least you know you won’t be sick! Happy 8th Birthday!

Mother to Son - It doesn’t matter if you had an ‘accident’ what matters is how you deal with it, after all you can always just run and spread the warmth to whoever teases you! Happy 8th Birthday; spread the warmth!

Friend to Friend - If you still feel embarrassed from peeing your pants, I’ll wet mine too and walk beside you, just like best friends would do. Happy 8th Birthday!

Saying - It is your 8th year in this world and you’ve begun to become more independent. You’re growing quickly, developing even quicker but this does not change the fact that you are my child and you are always going to be one of a kind to me. Happy 8th Birthday!

Message - 8 years and you’ve grown so much; you are getting smarter and developing quickly. Even though you’ve changed, you still are my beautiful baby. Happy 8th Birthday!

Continuing Funny Message - … But remember to spread that love, by hugging everyone and transferring some of that warmth to your family and friends! Happy 8th Birthday, my little prankster!