4th Birthday Card for a Boy (Truck)


A special 4th birthday card for a young boy. The secret to a super happy birthday is a great gift and a heartfelt card that represents the recipients interests. See below for some wonderful additions to this card. It’s simple, just download the card print it - all free of charge!

Nice Message - Celebrating your 4th Birthday is similar to a Christmas treat. You get a truckload of toys, a cake, great food and the love of your parents all focused on you. Happy Birthday!

Poem -

You play with a truck
In the muddy muck
And you sing and shout
While your parents pout
In that time
You hear a chime
Right before they sing a song
That wont last so long.

Quick Message - This truck carries more than just dirt from the ground; it holds every little speck of my love and concern in the cargo on its back. Happy Birthday!

Funny - A truck zooms by and you hear your mom laugh as you throw your little truck that misses your dad’s thigh.

Saying - Four years passes by in the blink of an eye. The child grows energetic and silly while you grow tired and sleepy. But everyday both in the parent’s and child’s eyes the world will be imaginative and a surprise. Happy 4th Birthday!

Sweet Message - You will never need to make believe or imagine my love for you, because it stays no matter what you do. Happy 4th Birthday!