4th Birthday Card for a Boy


Can’t find the perfect card? This be BAD on your Birthday card is the perfect addition to a 4 year old boys birthday. You can print the card for free after you download the PDF. Please see below for some card word suggestions:

4th Birthday Saying - Be bad on your 4th birthday card boy, but be good the day after!

Simple Message - Boy, Be as bad as you can be, imagine the world as only you can see, for today is your birthday and everything will be just as you say. Happy 4th Birthday!

Funny Message - Right before the parents hit the bed, they run into the child and his imaginative head, who screams and shouts while jumping right above their heads. A day unlike any others, the child screams and hollers: “Happy 4th Birthday to me and no other.”

A Poem for a 4th birthday card -

A skull and a hat
On your birthday mat
Holding a candle
As though it’s a handle
It laughs and grins
As the 4 year old spins
Screaming and shouting
While everyone keeps frowning

Saying - You may cause some trouble that leaves me in tears. For you believe in this make-believe sky but still I’ll be right here, the reality that will hold you tight. I’ll keep you safe throughout every single night.

Sweet Message - You may be my little fiend but I’ll always admit that you also are the light that shines in my life. Happy 4th Birthday!

Nice Message - Skulls and bones for my little scoundrel. It still does not matter, how you’ve torn my world asunder. 4 years now and you’ve found new ways to break my things but once you smile and I can’t help but set it all aside.

Cool Message - 1, 2, 3, 4, how could you ever want more! Wishing you an awesome 4th birthday bash from your good friend...

Original Message - By the time your 4, life's not a bore. Your 4 times more stronger and four times smarter... 4 times more bolder and 4 times more happy on your birthday!