Birthday Card for a 4 Year Old


1) 4, 3, 2, 1 Open you present and have some fun.

2) 1, 2, 3, 4 Share your cake and eat some more!


At four

You lay the law

You rule the house

And the world is your Oyster! 

4) To be 4 again… I would marry my girlfriends. Play with my food much as possible and blame everything on my brothers and sisters.

5) Now that you’ve finally turned 4 it’s time to cut the slack and do more chores.

6) One, two, three and four. Eat some cake and eat some more! Five, six, seven, eight. Who do you appreciate… Me! Me! Me! Me!!

7) A wise man once said being 4 is like kissing the sky with your butt.

8) Lucky like a four leaf clover!

9) At 4 you’re high, high, high! Keep reaching for the sky my (son, daughter, friend).


4 Ways to be a great kid!

1.      Smile lots

2.      Be a good friend

3.      Care for others

4.      Have fun!

11) Now that I’m 4 years old. What’s more? What’s more? Nothing… I want to be 4 FOUR EVER!

12) 4 years I’ve raised you and enjoyed every single moment I wouldn’t change it for the world.


4 Fun Facts

1.      We have four fingers on each hand and each foot.

2.      Every four years is a leap year.

3.      There are four letters in the word: FOUR.

4.      You are now 4 today and you’re going to have a great birthday!

14) Now that you’re 4 life’s not a bore!