3rd Birthday Card

3rd Birthday Card Messages

What a fantastic 3rd birthday card! This card a terrific image of a plane and a large number 3. Just find something to say on our site, for your inside message.

Message - 3 years have passed and still I cannot get enough of you. From you screaming and crying to your beautiful face while you sleep. You are my child and I have grown to love you more these past 3 years. Happy Birthday.

Poem -

Mommy and daddy are smiling
While the little child is crying
Confused and wondering why
The party isn’t in the sky
They laugh and carry the child
For a taste of high above

Nice Message - No matter the time that passes; a year, two or even three, you are still my little baby who has lifted me high above the blue sky.

Funny -

Hide the treat in your hand
And walk slowly towards your daddy
Give him a kiss and the treat
And watch him eat the mud you keep.

Sweet Message - Not a year passes by that you don’t light up my life. You are my little angel and you lift me up oh so high. Happy Birthday!

Funny Poem -

A bird falls
while your father calls
He steps outside with a sigh
All the while the bird flies lower
Giving your father a little gift of white shower.